Debt Collection

In the current economic climate this is an area of Law that is being used more and more by individual traders, companies and partnerships, as a tool to enable them to collect bad debts that are due to them and outstanding with some time. From time to time, Businesses perhaps experience bad debts. The Debt Collection procedure can be a lengthy process involving the Courts. Nonetheless, it may be the only recourse open to the Business in seeking to collect what is due and owing to them. We can advise on the steps involved in this process and keep you involved at all stages of the procedure.

In the present climate, the 30 or 60 day credit terms have turned into months in many cases. The excuses can be unbelievable. Steps that are open to us in this situation can include the following:

  • Letters of Demand
  • Issuing proceedings in the District Court or in the other appropriate
  • Court if the letter of demand is ignored
  • Attending Court to prove the debt where the Debtor defends the action
  • Obtaining Judgment in cases where the Debtor does not defend the action.
  • Enforcing the Judgment by obtaining a Court Order directing the
  • Debtor to pay the debt in installments
  • Lodging the Order of the Court with the Sheriff to seize goods to discharge moneys due
  • Registering a Judgment Mortgage on Title of the property belonging to the Debtor which is a Mortgage on the property of the Debtor for the benefit of the client


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